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Ticketmaster is proud to support Nordoff Robbins as our chosen charity through various initiatives such as staff fundraising, optional donations on tickets sales and through the Best Live Act vote.

Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins is a music therapy charity, dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults. They support people with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, depression and physical and learning disabilities. They work in their own music therapy centres, in schools, community centres, hospitals and care homes all over the country.

Music therapy is a specialist use of music to help people in many different ways - for some it has physical benefits, for others emotional or social ones and helps many to communicate where they have struggled to do so previously.

The results of music therapy can have a profound impact on individuals and their families and all those around them. As one user said recently, "I simply couldn't live without this music every week."

Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland is grounded in the belief that everyone can respond to music, no matter how ill or disabled. The unique qualities of music as therapy can enhance communication, support change, and enable people to live more resourcefully and creatively. We work from three bases in Lasswade (Midlothian), Crosshill (Fife) and Glasgow.