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Fearsome Craftsmen


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Discover the artistry of the Viking world

An exhibition by the JORVIK Group of Attractions – the team behind the celebrated JORVIK Viking Centre in York – Fearsome Craftsmen delves into the past to explore how a group of people changed the world through creative innovation. Over 1000 years ago, the Vikings permanently impacted the landscape of Europe, in the process turning simple materials into complex objects. Fearsome Craftsmen explores their mastery and captures the true spirit of the Viking Age.

“Most people have an expectation that all Vikings were feisty warriors, but with this exhibition, we are hoping to help change that narrative," says Sarah Maltby, Director of Attractions at York Archaeological Trust. "There were so many skilled craftsmen in the Viking Age and visitors can learn about the everyday life that these people lived through our range of artefacts and replicas."

Bringing together original artefacts and replicas, Fearsome Craftsmen gets up close and person with the materials that allowed the Viking people to spread influence across Europe. Learn how antler, bone and horn were turned into combs, knife handles and jewellery. Discover how wood was used for everything from housing and furniture to spoons and bowls, and how leather made shoes, belts and scabbards. Plus delve into the world of blacksmithing, pottery and textiles.

Designed with the whole family in mind, the exhibition looks to educate and excite in equal measures, opening at Blackpool Winter Gardens from September until December 2020.


The Fearsome Craftsmen exhibition takes place at Blackpool Winter Gardens from September – December 2020.

The Fearsome Craftsmen exhibition takes place at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Tickets for the Fearsome Craftsmen exhibition are available from Friday 28 August 2020.