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European Rum and Cocktail Online Festival


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About European Rum and Cocktail Online Festival

On Saturday 8 August 2020, RumCask presents the European Rum And Cocktail Online Festival, a virtual voyage into the world of rum, taking you on a journey to meet some of the leading rum producers from around the globe.

As part of the festival guests will learn how to create four rum cocktails live from international cocktail bars, sample over 25 unique tots of rum, and listen to distillers and brand owners share stories and insights into how they make their incredible products.

This is a one-off experience to enjoy from the comfort of your home. While long-haul travel is currently restricted, the European Rum And Cocktail Online Festival allows you to taste the true spirit of Trinidad, Barbados, Bermuda, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Distilleries to be showcased include Foursquare, Trinidad Distillers Ltd and Damoiseau.

The live cocktail sessions will start at Duke of Tokyo (Amsterdam) and Dirty Dick (Paris), then end at Montanya (Colorado, USA) and El Del Frente (Havana, Cuba).

The festival is the brainchild of rum aficionados Indy Anand, Jaz Anand and Chet Ladwa of RumCask who have over 15 years’ experience in the rum industry between them. The European Rum And Cocktail Online Festival is a celebration of all the elements of rum culture that they love.

Each ticket entitles people to a bespoke festival pack containing rum tasters, a festival booklet and cocktail recipes to shake up live, guided by the bartenders.

Tickets are £60 each, and must be purchased by Wednesday 29 July 2020 in order to send out the festival packs in time. UK ticket sales are available until Saturday 1st August at midday!

The festival is only available to people living in Europe due to time zone restrictions and postage.