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About Empire Circus

Empire Circus are a four piece rock band who have tapped into the panache of Two Door Cinema Club, the demeanour of Arcade Fire and the general cool suave of Gorillaz… then morphed out the other side with a resonant sound under the guise of Empire Circus. Their self-titled album has been described as “impressive” by the Mail on Sunday and “Anthem-esque” by The Sunday Times.  Noted US rock critic Jeff Miers of The Buffalo News calls it "The most arena ready sound I've had the pleasure of hearing in a 200 capacity rock club.  The band delivers from the very first note.
In the latter half of 2012 the band spent time writing, demoing and working feverishly on creating music. They wrote three notebooks full of songs. Some they really enjoyed playing, others... not so much. So they took the fun ones, crossed the ocean to a studio in Brooklyn and crafted an album of 12 tunes that made them collectively smile while rocking them out. This was all done under the influence of renowned Indie Producer Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish, Lemonheads, Apples in Stereo, The Morning Glories, Antony and the Johnsons).

Empire Circus’ sound is all about the thrill in rhythm and melody. Their debut album, including songs such as “A Day in the Life of a Superhero”, “I Know Better” and “All I Need” will assuredly have your head bobbing while singing at the top of your lungs.  Beware the odd looks from the adjacent cars at the red light when blasting this one.
“The Future (the end is nowhere in sight): We still have dreams of conquering the globe and selling the t-shirt, but for now we concentrate on music that makes you want to forget your troubles, get out of bed and take on the world.” - EC

“Feelgood alt-pop work, and contribute towards rather than detract from an enjoyable debut. Anthem-esque with incredibly clever lyrics” -The Sunday Times

“It’s honest, well played MOR Rock. Very impressive” - Mail On Sunday

“Take the squally synth of Currents, where the four-piece brilliantly meddle with tempo and texture; Empire Circus have hit upon a formula that clearly works” -The Irish Times

"All the urgency, conviction, sense of both playfulness and wide-eyed wonder... a stadium-sized sound that makes a night with Empire Circus one you won't regret come sunrise.  In fact you'll be re-spinning the whole platter like an addict on a bender by sundown."-The Buffalo News (USA)

“Empire Circus have delivered an impressively entertaining debut”- Hotpress