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About Edan

The Trap Door Rapp Tour.... Feat: EDAN, MR. LIF,PATEN LOCKE & WILLIE EVANS, JR.

This April, four exceptionally creative independent hip hop artists join up for a tour to Europe - Edan and Mr Lif from Boston, Paten  Locke from Florida and Willie Evans. 

EDAN is known for his unlikely take on hip-hop culture, where traditional rap songs are often skewed by 60's rock samples, tape echoes, and foreign language choruses (not to mention the off-beat humor and surrealist imagery incorporated via his lyrics).   His most recent release, an audio-visual mega-mix, entitled ‘Echo Party Movie', was an astounding pastiche of dance, rapp, and punk that utilized everything from turntables to tape echo, glockenspiel to guitar, and moog to kazoo. The heady audio collage was then given to celluloid-splicer-extraordinaire, Tom Fitzgerald, who meticulously set the music to a wild array of found footage (sources ranging from Bollywood & martial arts films to subversive 60's animation, obscure new wave 8mm & vintage breakdance/graff footage).   Edan's previous effort, "Beauty And The Beat", drew worldwide acclaim, most notably for its graceful marriage of hip-hop and rock-based psychedelia.

9 time Boston music Award winner MR. LIF has toured worldwide and worked with some of the best artists in independent music. From touring with Company Flow and becoming a cornerstone member of the Definitive Jux movement to recording and touring with Thievery Corporation, Lif's unique voice and style have reached many. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts Lif made a statement with his highly ambitious debut album "I Phantom". The album received critical acclaim and is widely regarded a conceptual masterpiece. By delivering a product that touches upon the search for a level of fulfillment beyond standard definitions of success, and seamlessly exploring the various pitfalls of our overly complex modernized world, Lif set a high standard for storytelling and voicing the sentiments of the people.

PATEN LOCKE (AKA DJ Therapy of The Alias Brothers, and The Smile Rays) is no slouch when it comes to djing, rhyming, beat production, and most of all, live performances.  His presence demands your attention on stage. His charisma keeps you captivated and elevated.  After traveling the world as a DJ for The Perceptionist, and again as a lead vocalist/mc with The Smile Rays, Paten Locke released a solo album entitled Super Ramen Rocketship, which received international attention and critical acclaim.  

WILLIE EVANS JR has toured the US and Canada with artists like Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Edan, Paten Locke, Chali 2na, The Gift of Gab, Roqy Tyraid, Lyrics Born, Grieves & Budo, and Megaran.After numerous production work and guest features, High Water Music (who have previously released projects from Fresh Daily, DJ Spinna, Homeboy Sandman, and more) released "Introducin'" in 2011, Willie's latest project, to critical acclaim. The first video from his release was the title track "Introducin'" which feature guest appearances from Sucio Smash (Squeeze Radio), Pharoahe Monche, Jean Grae, Sinnamon Love, and Bossy Delilah. XXL Magazine described Willie's creative energy as "bouyant and tough to resist.