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About Dubland

Dublin Podcast Festival 2018

Dubland and Up To 90

Dubland is a fortnightly chat podcast in which Suzanne Kane and PJ Gallagher unpack the news of the week. Whether it's political, global or personal news, there's always something to send PJ into a rant and there's always a stick for Suzanne to poke him with. With well over a million downloads, this podcast is not just popular among its listeners, it's a hit that needs to be consumed as soon as it's available.

Also taking to the stage is Up To 90 featuring two of Ireland’s most exciting comics, Emma Doran and Julie Jay. The show covers anything and everything 90s and as long as it happened during the decade of Fresh Prince and ‘going-out’ combat pants, these two gingerettes have got you covered.

Last updated: Septermber 2018.