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About Don Williams

Don Williams’ new studio album “Reflections” has gone directly in to the number 1 position in the UK Country Music charts. This is an amazing achievement ahead of his UK and Irish Tour.
“Reflections”, a newly minted part of a nearly 30-album career, proves once again that Don Williams’ music transcends genres and generations.
Don Williams has chosen The Olympia Theatre as the venue to record his final European Tour DVD.
Speaking from his home in Nashville recently, Don Williams issued the following statement:
“My back can't handle the rough and tumble of international touring any more, so I finally have to give in to it and cut back on my traveling. Sadly this means that this will be my last visit to Ireland.

My record company planned to record a DVD of the farewell tour and Dublin's Olympia Theatre was my first choice of venue to do it in. We always get a very warm welcome in Dublin and people sing along there like nowhere else in the world.  When we have a great audience in America I often hear my band say that it was nearly as good as Dublin. For me, this DVD will be a very special memento of my final visit to Ireland and a reminder of the many friends and fans I have made since I started touring there in the 70's. We are going to record both nights as I want to cover as many songs as possible and sing all the favourites one last time in Dublin. Hopefully we can give the fans a DVD that captures the magic of the Olympia shows.”

Don will be supported on the tour by COLIN CHISHOLM, from BBC TV’s “The Voice”.