The new stage show, based upon the BBC's smash-hit, award-winning series Doctor Who, promises to deliver a spectacular audio/visual experience featuring live music, special effects and appearances from the show's most popular monsters including Daleks, Cybermen, Scarecrows, Oods and Silurian.

With an out-of-this-world set, Doctor Who Live will feature special FX, optical illusions and spectacular pyrotechnics building to an epic finale. Specially edited video clips, drawn from the TV Programme will be shown on a massive screen and accompanied by the music of longtime Doctor Who composer Murray Gold. These iconic scores will be brought to life by a live band on stage.

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Nigel Planer (The Young Ones, We Will Rock You, Evita, Chicago) will play the part of Vorgenson, a character exclusively adapted for the tour. The stage show will follow Vorgenson on an inter-galactic journey as he summons monsters in his Minimiser for the audience to see. Matt Smith will appear as the Doctor in specially filmed sequences to be shown on a giant screen on stage.

Doctor Who Live has been conceived as a fully immersive music and monsters spectacular and promises the same excitement, adventure and suspense that viewers have come to expect from the TV programme.

Taking in nine cities and 25 dates, Doctor Who Live kicks off in London at Wembley Arena on 8 October, and will visit Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff and Liverpool, culminating in Belfast on the 7 November.

Please note that actors from the TV series will not be appearing live on stage.

Please note that the Doctor Who Live show is packed with special effects, whiz, bangs and excitement!

Wembley Arena
Friday 8 October 2010
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Saturday 9 October 2010
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Sunday 10 October 2010
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Birmingham NIA
Monday 18 October 2010
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Tuesday 19 October 2010
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Wednesday 20 October 2010
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Cardiff International Arena
Thursday 28 October 2010
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Friday 29 October 2010
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Saturday 30 October 2010
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Sunday 31 October 2010
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Sheffield Arena
Tuesday 12 October 2010
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Wednesday 13 October 2010
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Manchester Evening News Arena
Friday 22 October 2010
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Saturday 23 October 2010
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Sunday 24 October 2010
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Liverpool Echo Arena
Tuesday 2 November 2010
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Wednesday 3 November 2010
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Glasgow SECC
Friday 15 October 2010
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Saturday 16 October 2010
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Sunday 17 October 2010
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Nottingham Trent FM Arena
Monday 25 October 2010
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Tuesday 26 October 2010
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Belfast Odyssey Arena
Saturday 6 November 2010
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Sunday 7 November 2010
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Daily Telegraph
'Who's afraid of the big bad monsters?'
'Run, hide, scream the monsters are coming'
A touring spectacular'
'Dazzling, deafening and brazenly gratuitous'
'My nine year old son Lucas was transfixed throughout...100 out of 100 was his ecstatic verdict'
Dominic Cavendish Daily Telegraph, October 2010

The Times
'Simply terrific'
'Great Entertainment'
'The virtual Smith is charismatic as ever'
Dominic Maxwell The Times, October 2010

The Guardian
'It was the largest selection of Doctor Who monsters ever gathered together in the show's history.'
'audacious new production Doctor Who Live'
'...Wowed by the multimedia extravaganza of live music, special effects, drama and dance'
'Doctor Who Live gives children and adults the time of their lives'
Daniel Martin, October 2010

Sunday Express
'Absolutely brilliant ... as Doctor Who goes live'
'This show is absolutely brilliant'
'Monster after monster invade the audience'
'A monster mash to remember'
David Stephenson, October 2010

Daily Express
'The audience could hardly contain itself'
'Just when you thought it could not get anymore exciting a Dalek flew above the heads of the audiences'
Virginia Blackburn, October 2010

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