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Die Antwoord

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About Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a rap-rave band hailing from Cape Town in South Africa, performing their distinctive musical sound in English, Xhosa and Afrikaans. Launching in 2008, the duo comprises vocalists Yolandi Visser and Ninja, with production by DJ Hi-Tek. Their image is powerfully counter-culturalist, drawing from Roger Ballen's works and Zef counter-culture - the latter known for being trashy and modern, and referencing old-fashioned everyday objects, such as souped-up cars and gold jewellery. US critics and journalists are often known to ask whether their creative works are authentic, or an elaborate hoax or joke, however their fans know better, and the band's ascent into the spotlight has been rapid indeed.

Their debut album, $0$ was released free online and immediately attracted attention from a global audience, particularly for their Enter the Ninja music video. It featured guest rappers including Scallywag, Knoffel Bruin, Isaac Mutant, Jaak Paarl and Jack Parrow. Single Evil Boy, produced by Diplo, features a section by guest rapper, Wanga. They briefly signed up to Interscope Records, but rapidly moved over to their own new label, Zef Recordz in 2011 to release album number two - 10$ion. The singles from this album thrust Die Antwoord into the international spotlight, and they performed on US talk shows. They followed the album with a single, XP€N$IV $H1T. Following this release, the band toured Europe and released snippets from Cookie Thumper, which included a new video. They also announced Donker Mag as their third album, for 2014.

Ninja, the band's lead vocalist has long been a player on the hip-hop scene in South Africa, fronting acts that include the Constructus Corporation, The Original Evergreen and MaxNormal TV. Ninja later said that these stints were great preparation for the later creation of Die Antwoord. The band has referred to its creative output as documentary fiction, with a strong emphasis on innovation and shock value. They enjoy a strongly cult following, and are associated with prolific fan art, some of which has been used in their music videos.

Die Antwoord first performed internationally in 2010 in front of 40,000 people at the Coachella Festival. They then toured extensively, taking in Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe. They have already been nominated for a number of awards, and have won the Best Music Video in 2010 by Myspace, for Enter the Ninja. They are already working on new material, expected to be released later this year.