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Devin Townsend


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Always unpredictable heavy metal and progressive rock stalwart

Canadian musician and producer Devin Townsend has an extensive catalogue under his belt as both the founder of the extreme metal outfit Strapping Young Lad and a solo artist who often branches into peripheral works blending progressive rock with elements of everything from country and new age to ambient noise and orchestral musical theatre.

As a teenager, Townsend performed in several metal bands and also began writing a demo under the name Noisescapes. Discovered by Relativity Records in 1993, he was asked to provide lead vocals on Steve Vai’s album Sex & Religion. However, after going on tour with Vai, Townsend found himself disillusioned by the music industry.

Feeling like he was becoming the product of somebody else’s imagination, Townsend channelled his anger into an album, Heavy As A Real Heavy Thing, released in 1995 under the moniker Strapping Young Lad. Keeping that name, he decided to assemble a full band, and released the critically acclaimed follow-up City in 1997. Townsend would go on to write and record three more albums with Strapping Young Lad: 2003’s eponymous collection, 2005’s Alien and 2006’s The New Black.

Also in the early ’00s, he began to focus on solo material using a varied line-up of supporting musicians and self-released it under HevyDevy Records, his own independent label. This included 2000’s Physicist, 2001’s Terria, 2004’s Devlab, 2006’s The Hummer and 2007’s Ziltoid The Omniscient.

At the same time, he had created The Devin Townsend Band with a dedicated line-up. They recorded and toured two albums – 2003’s Accelerated Evolution and 2006’s Synchestra.

In late 2007, Townsend disbanded both Strapping Young Lad and The Devin Townsend Band to focus on spending more time with his family.

Two years later, he returned and launched The Devin Townsend Project with the goal of doing a four-album series, each one written in a different style. The first album Ki came out in spring 2009, followed by Addicted that autumn. Deconstruction, containing some of his heaviest work, and Ghost, showcasing much more mellow material, arrived in 2011 to worldwide acclaim. That led Townsend to expand the series, so he unveiled a fifth album, Epicloud, in 2012.

In 2014, Townsend put out a pair of double albums – Z2: Dark Matters and Z2: Sky Blue – as part of a long-running project intending them to be sequels to his earlier Ziltoid The Omniscient album.

The Devin Townsend Project recorded one more album, 2016’s Transcendence, before he decided to put it on hold and focus his energies on EMPATH. This 2019 album, his 18th overall, was the result of his need to explore what makes heavy music “heavy” while also bringing together the musical dynamics of all the styles that made up Townsend’s interests. Numerous artists were involved in shaping it – including Vai along with Morgan Ågren, Anup Sastry, Samus Paulicelli, Adam “Nolly” Getgood, Elliot Desagnes, Chad Kroeger, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Ché Aimee Dorval, Ryan Dhale, the Elektra Women’s Choir and several renowned orchestras from around the world.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he had to cancel most of the dates in 2020 for his Empath Vol. 1 North American Tour.

Townsend announced his next project The Puzzle would arrive on 8 October 2021, and confirmed details for a pair of live shows in Glasgow and London for April 2022.


Devin Townsend is touring the UK from 14 – 17 April 2022 in support of his new album The Puzzle.

Devin Townsend will be visiting the following UK cities on his 2022 tour:

  • Glasgow
  • London

Tickets for Devin Townsend’s 2022 tour dates go on sale from 10:00 on Friday 20 August 2021.