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Declan Welsh and the Decadent West


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About Declan Welsh and the Decadent West

Growing up in suburban East Kilbride and now based in Glasgow, Declan Welsh is a poet and songwriter who has managed to cement his individuality by putting humanity at the core of his comments about today’s current affairs. Along with his band The Decadent West, Welsh is here to use his music as a catalyst for hope and for change. 

Joined by Duncan McBride (guitar), Ben Corlett (bass) and Murray Noble (drums), the band are known for their strong socialist views and performed in Palestine in 2016 as well as Billy Bragg’s curated Leftfield Stage at Glastonbury.

Releasing the All My Dreams Are Dull EP back in 2018, they built a strong following in the Scottish indie scene thanks to their anthems about toxic masculinity, rent increases, the rise of right-wing fascists and battling the intolerance that surrounds us. Now, debut album Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold sees the four-piece build upon this raucous political fury, enforcing the idea that in today’s environment, we’re unable to ignore the atrocities forging our existential dread. 

Welsh began writing songs on his acoustic guitar in his teens. Once Duncan, Ben and Murray came onboard, West wrote a bunch of new songs and pushed his native accent to the forefront of his output, delivering dexterous word play with tender sentimentality, contemplative resolution and confrontational gusto. While social issues are a central focus of this artistic expression, single Absurd also asserts the need for self-reflection in the midst of these political issues.

Releasing a poetry pamphlet called If You Like That Sort Of Thing, Welsh often begins the band’s sets with spoken word poetry performance.

Track Do What You Want was also re-imagined as a spoken word piece for the Teatum Jones opening show at London Fashion week earlier this year. Nourishing Welsh’s talent as a wordsmith, the four-piece are able to transform these musings into indie-pop bangers that call back to the catchy hooks of the early 00s. 

Recorded at 7west and produced by Glasgow staple Chris Marshall, the album affirms the message that politics are always personal.

There’s stand-out track The Dream which sees the group internally advocate for a left communist school of thought and reference the likes of Simone De Beaviour, Jean Paul Satre, Karl Marx, Angela Davis and more. Lead single How Does Your Love celebrates this power of coming together by honouring the catharsis of provincial nightclubs their unapologetic, sticky dancefloors and the beauty found in getting blitzed and kissing a stranger through the strobe lights.

While Welsh does describe their musicality as “four guys playing guitar music”, it’s their unique, proactive point of view that sets Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold aside from the usual offerings. There’s a sense of searching for security in our surroundings and reflections of what can happen when we try and be our best selves. It’s four guys playing guitar music and fighting for what they believe in.

Last updated: February, 2020