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About Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will visit the Manchester Arena this summer for a series of public events.

The Tibetan spiritual leader's three-day visit to the city will take place on Saturday 16, Sunday 17 and Monday 18 June.  He will be promoting his message of non-violence, compassion and universal responsibility.

Mr Thubten Samdup (Representative of the Dalai Lama) said: "This visit will be an opportunity for people across the UK to hear the message of this globally recognised spiritual and moral authority. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has called for this to be a "century of peace and dialogue", urging the youth to be the change they wish to see in the world. In particular, his message will encourage young people across the UK to seriously consider their unique potential as decisive catalysts for peace, able to bring to reality, the better world that they hope to inhabit."

Saturday 16 June

"Stand Up & Be The Change: Make this the Century of Dialogue"

The Dalai Lama will address and interact with an audience of young people at the Manchester Arena on the subject of non-violence.  One of the highlights of the three-day event will be the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate's address and interaction with the audience. Here, he will affirm the urgent need to foster a culture of non-violence, necessary for building a peaceful world and making the current century, one of peace and dialogue.

Sunday 17 June (13:30)

"Real Change Happens in the Heart"

Accessible to all, this informal public talk looks at how to live a good life; what makes us happy; how to show compassion to all beings - and by so doing bring about a change in our own lives, as well as those of other people. Speaking mainly in English, His Holiness's sense of humour and empathy will shine through as he explains his views on how to improve our lives.   A question and answer session will follow the main talk.

Sunday 17 June (09:30) and Monday 18 June (09:00 and 12:30)

"Eight Verses of Training the Mind" (by Geshe Langri Thangpa) and "In Praise of Dharmadhatu", (by Nagarjuna)

The Dalai Lama will give a series of talks based on the texts of these Indian and Tibetan Buddhist masters.  Focussing on wisdom and compassion, these ancient verses offer advice which is timeless and universal. The texts will be available in a booklet, which will be given free of charge to all those attending and there will be a translation into English when His Holiness is speaking in Tibetan. While some parts of the teachings may be quite complex, most will be very practical and easy to follow.  Like a magnificent feast, you can enjoy the portions you like, and leave aside the portions that are difficult to digest.