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About CUT


By Duncan Graham

A woman prepares for work. Pursued by a man, she is hunter and hunted. An elaborate fantasy? Or a real threat circling outside the door?

Part installation, part theatre poem, part noir thriller, prepare to be sealed into this intimate and unforgettable experience. CUT is a total work of art. A Lynchian dream that transports an audience deep into the heart of 21st century fears: the psychological equivalent of extreme turbulence

Plunging in and out of complete darkness, this one-woman story is built into an atmospheric Vault under the Waterloo railway arches. Winner of the Best Theatre award at Adelaide Fringe 2015, and the Underbelly Adelaide Award 2015, this is the London premiere of this edge-of-your-seat thriller, written by award-winning Australian playwright Duncan Graham and performed by Hannah Norris.

"You become enraptured by this one-woman journey" - Edinburgh Evening News

“A disorienting and horrifically powerful psychological thriller" - Scotsman

Warning: Contains total blackouts, adult themes and scenes of a violent nature.