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About Continental Circus Berlin

In an age where so much entertainment is made up of special effects, CGI and virtual reality – being pre-recorded, multi-tracked, digitally enhanced or in some other way electronically created – the sheer reality of a live show is a breath of fresh air and the feats and skills seen at Continental Circus Berlin are often so amazing that circus-goers literally can not believe their eyes.

Among the incredible things you'll see are the Danguir Troupe, who will be performing a highwire and wheel of death act. They previously appeared in Circus Extreme, with the troupe flying in all the way from Africa for the performance.

Direct from The Moscow State Circus come the Rubtsov Troupe to perform fast track acrobatics. Watch them fly through the air doing an incredible selection of tricks from tumbling and somersaults to an exciting aerial gymnastic display.

Continental Circus Berlin's extreme stunt riding team will be performing the Globe of Death. The most death-defying act ever completed, the group experience a G-force similar to that of a fighter pilot. Watch as they loop vertically and horizontally, all while encased in a mesh sphere!

Edy the Clown, a legendary figure in the circus world, will guide audiences through the show. When you're not sitting on the edge of your seat, you will be falling off it with laughter.

On top of this there will be a beautiful aerial chandelier act, Vegas-style quick change princess, whirlwind juggling and a troupe of dancers – a truly amazing array of acts all with unique twists, of which many have never been seen before in the UK.

The finest show to come to town under Continental Circus Berlin's banner, you're guaranteed a great show, a rare treat and lots of fun with something for all ages.