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CinderELLA - Nuffield Theatre Southampton


CinderELLA - Nuffield Theatre Southampton Tickets

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About CinderELLA - Nuffield Theatre Southampton

From the creative team behind the spectacular Amélie, CinderELLA is a bright and bold musical comedy about family, true love and a good fitting pair of shoes.

It’s a tale as old as time, but this is no fairy tale. We can promise Prince Charming, but Cinders won’t let anyone sweep her off her feet, disillusioned with chasing her happy ending. Ella’s happiness has faded into a distant memory, and instead she’s faced with her fame and fortune hungry step-nieces, Ivanka and Melania, who are desperate to get their grubby mitts on her money.

With a trip to Iceland, a couple of golden tickets and a spoonful of pumpkin soup, Cinders and Ella are transformed and have a night out like no other.

 It's the perfect festive treat!

Last updated: December, 2019