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Children of Bodom

Hard Rock/Metal

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About Children of Bodom

One of Finland’s most successful bands, Children of Bodom were formed in 1993 in the city of Espoo, near Helsinki. With a name inspired by a notorious murder in their native Finland, the band’s musical style has been entertaining fans since their 1997 debut album, Something Wild. 

Now fully 20 years into the tough, heroic grind that represents the lifeblood of extreme musicians, the metal scientists have won over crowds globally through a crafted alloy that is theirs alone. But the building of their esteemed career has also been aided an abetted by the simple math of all that work, the intense touring, that inevitable return visit to your town that has made the band’s shows engaging, personable and energetic thrash parties indelibly stamped on the circuit boards of headbangers worldwide. 

Last updated: December, 2016