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About Micky P Kerr

Musical comedian Micky P Kerr rose to stardom when he wowed both Simon Cowell and Andy Murray’s mum with his performances on Britain’s Got Talent in June 2018. Since the finals, he's returned to the comfort zone as a Z-List Celebrity. 

Now being semi-famous Micky is launching a debut solo tour. Join him for an evening full of music, social commentary and lots of laughs. You'll also hear extracts from his BGT memoirs, which is a diary of what "really" happened backstage that includes juicy gossip and revelations about some of your favourite household names.

Disclaimer: Micky’s memoirs may contain alternative facts. Recommended for ages 15+.

“I absolutely love you, you are hilarious!” – David Walliams

“So smart, so quick, so funny, so different, so original. You absolutely nailed it!” – Simon Cowell

“I was belly laughing, ugly laughing and that’s what you want from a comedian” – Alecia Dixon

“You left me wanting more, everything that comes out of your mouth is hilarious” – Amanda Holden

Last updated: October, 2018