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About Arron Crascall

Don't miss Arron Crascall on The Socially Awkward tour.

He'll be stepping out from behind the camera and onto the stage, along with his partner in crime, The Skills Guy, Joe Charman.

Arron has been a popular face on social media for over two years, establishing himself as one of the UK’s top online comedy talents.

He has a unique style of public reaction driven video content that reaches out to his multitude of fans across numerous social media platforms. He's branched out further to include recurring characters, sketches and mash-ups with the internet’s most popular videos of the moment.

Arron has also collaborated with some of the most recognisable brands in the world including Virgin Media, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, Warner Brothers, Samsung and Ford as well as collaborations with some of the biggest stars in the world including Jeremy Piven, Channing Tatum and Seth Rogan. 

He rose to fame on Vine by engaging the public in his comedy to utilise their instantaneous reactions. Having moved onto Facebook & Instagram in 2014, and then YouTube, TikTok and Twitter, Arron has amassed nearly 15 million followers across all platforms by providing longer comedy videos that are going viral within hours of being posted.

Arron continues to provide his much in demand comedy clips to his ever going fan base which stretches across all age groups. As a family man with three children, Arron’s makes sure his comedy appeals to all ages and avoids inappropriate content.

Most recently Arron appeared on Hey Tracey, Celebability and Celebrity Coach Trip. Arron has also appeared alongside Russell Kane on BBC Three's show Stupid Man, Smart Phone.

Last updated: February, 2020