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Andrew O'Neill

Hard Rock/Metal

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About Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O’Neill’s History of Heavy Metal
The guys from Obituary run a cat sanctuary. Fact.

Stand-up comedian and lifelong metalhead Andrew O'Neill presents a celebration of the music and subculture that spawned him.

Want to learn how to headbang?
Always wondered what happens in a moshpit?
Keen to learn the difference between blackened thrash and grindcore?
Did you know:
*Any Old Iron by Harry Champion was the first heavy metal record
*When Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, writer of the song Hell Bent For Leather, Ram It Down, Delivering The Goods and Breaking The Law came out as gay in the mid-90s the metal community was shocked. They later expressed surprise at the defecatory habits of woodland bears and the religious inclination of the Pope
*It takes the average metalhead 10 minutes longer to get ready to go out due to their all-black wardrobe
*The New Zealand All-Blacks are a rugby team and have nothing to do with heavy metal
*Satan has all the best tunes. (Though their second album is patchy.)
WARNING: This show will contain references to the musical genre know as heavy metal, not a loosely scientific defined subset of elements that exhibit metallic properties.

Andrew O'Neill (Buzzcocks, Museum Of Curiosity, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle) knows more about metal than you've had hot dinners. Come and watch an extremely funny (multi award nominated) comedian talk about the thing he loves most in the world. Nominated Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival, so it's probably not just for metal heads.