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Andrew Doyle


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About Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle is taking a brief break from journalism, but not from satire, to put today's society under the microscope with author Douglas Murray. Resisting Wokeness: An evening with Andrew Doyle and Douglas Murray, hosted by Ashley Frawley, is coming to the UK. 

Andrew Doyle is well known for viral sensation after viral sensation as the previous co-writer for Johnathan Pie and the creator of the fictitious character Titania McGrath. These days he can be found scribbling for or running the cutting edge Comedy Unleashed. 

Teaming up with the no-nonsense Douglas Murray, Doyle has a new target: wokeness. Resisting Wokeness: An evening with Andrew Doyle and Douglas Murray puts this new phenomenon into focus for what it is. Join them both for a night that promotes individual liberty, intellectual diversity and free speech in a world that would be quick to judge such thinking. 

Last updated: December, 2019