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All Killa No Filla


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Criminally good serial killer podcast

There are women who write to serial killers in prison. To avoid becoming those women, the All Killa No Filla hosts (renowned comedians Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn) started their podcast, taking a remarkably un-salacious dive into the weird and macabre world of serial killers and murderers. The difference between this and other serial killer podcasts is that the hosts of All Killa No Filla are having a right laugh while they’re doing it. The result is a delicate balancing act between a tactfully handled delicate topic and comedy podcasting at its finest.

Since debuting in 2014 – with none other than Jack The Ripper – the devilish duo have covered everyone from Peter Sutcliffe (over six episodes) to Harold Shipman and Aileen Wuornos to Ed Gein (Pritchard-McLean's self-professed "favourite"). As with any podcast with a very specific remit, in All Killa No Filla, Rachel and Kiri explore many unrelated wrong turns and dead ends, including Kiri’s mum, bums, alternatives to perfume and where not to put a test tube.

Following on from their live specials (episodes recorded in front of a live audience), in 2020 Pritchard-McLean and Fairburn took their podcast into the live streaming sphere for a lockdown audience with an appetite for a bloody good time. All Killa No Filla headed to The Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh for a Halloween special, to be live streamed worldwide on 31 October 2020.

The dynamic duo announced their annual Christmas special for 6 December, promising their tradition of "slagging off a murderer and getting distracted" would contiune, albeit as an All Killa No Filla Christmas livestream.