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About Alex Borstein

Alex Borstein is one of the most influential characters in the American alternative entertainment scene of recent years. Actress, screenwriter, producer, dubber and singer, for years she has been involved in the most renowned television, animation and film productions – from voicing the beloved Lois Griffin in Family Guy for almost two decades to playing Susie Myerson - the iconic manager - in the award-winning Amazon Prime series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

The Alex Borstein & The Mastergang live show is fresh and original, with lots and lots of music. Accompanied by two musicians of enormous recognition, the set is very simple but effective, since it is shaped around the voice of Alex, the choruses and harmonies of Salva and Eric and some instrumental arrangements with ukuleles and other mini instruments, which still provide more originality to the show. 

Original, fun, committed and scathing, Alex Borstein lives halfway between New York and Barcelona (where she settled a few years ago) and it was precisely in Barcelona, where she has uncovered one of her most hidden talents, her original songs and hilarious versions of classics, within a formula halfway between the musical show and the classic stand-up comedy format. In short, a unique and super exclusive opportunity to see the extraordinary talent of a unique artist and... marvelous! The trajectory of this woman is unbeatable, not only because of the successes she accumulates, but also because of the large number of skills she holds. Open mindedness, ingenuity and an acid sense of humour make Borstein one of the brightest artists of recent years. And, although it is known worldwide for being for 17 seasons! the voice of one of the most beloved and hilarious characters of the early 21st century, Mrs. Griffin in Family Guy; Not everyone knows that she is also one of the producers and screenwriters of this successful FOX animation series. Its base is the interpretation but so is the word, that's why its original scripts, plots and arguments are so popular in which the comedy of the absurd is always present.

Last Updated: December 2019