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Ahmad Jamal


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About Ahmad Jamal

‘Because there's no one like him, he's immune to fashion and thus always up to date. We're lucky to have him.’ – The Guardian, September 2013

Considered to be a true living legend of jazz, Ahmad Jamal has been creating and performing music for six decades. The eighty three year old began his musical journey aged three and has honed his prodigious talent ever since. His work has influenced and informed some of the greatest musicians in the world including Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis.

Quite simply, Ahmad Jamal is a game-changer; he transformed what went before and influenced all that came after.  His gift elevates jazz to American Classical Music, a subject that Mr Jamal is passionate about.

In 2007 Ahmad Jamal was named ‘Living Jazz Legend’ by the Kennedy Centre for The Performing Arts in recognition of his lifelong contribution to the genre.

Ahmed Jamal’s music is as relevant today as it was when he released his ground breaking interpretation of ‘Poinciana’ in 1963.  His influence can be felt in the work of some of the most successful American contemporary artists including Jay Z, who samples 1974’s ‘Pastures’ in his track  ‘Feelin’ It’. ‘They Say’ by Common featuring John Legend samples Jamal’s 1973 track ‘Ghetto Child’. Academy Award winner, Clint Eastwood featured ‘Poinciana’ in his 1995 movie, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’.

The artist’s most recent album, ‘Saturday Morning’ was released to great acclaim in September this year.