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About Adrenaline

A furious, high energy, intense four-piece metal band hailing from the West Midlands, England. Since their formation in 2003 they have continued to evolve, develop, and mature into a metal band with an awesome prowess and crushingly heavy sound.

Their ferocious blend of music is brutally administered by the intense & aural bludgeoning of vocalist, Dave. The engine is fuelled by the powerful, riff laden, driving musicianship of Nick on guitars coupled with the tight and solid rhythm section, held together by Higgsy on drums, and the thunderous tones of Spike on bass.

This rare combination of talented individuals has created a unique, in your face, exciting, energetic and brutal metal band, whose angst-fuelled songs and rage-soaked outpourings reflect the anger, frustration and torment of today's society.

Influenced by the likes of Metallica, Slipknot, The Haunted, Bleeding Through and Lamb of God to name a few. Their sound cannot be placed in any one genre or be compared to any other band out there.

Adrenaline combine thrash, metalcore, grindcore and new wave heavy metal to produce their own brand and style which is guaranteed to excite metal fans globally.

Since their formation they have worked relentlessly at putting together an explosive live set that never disappoints their increasing fan-base, with their unique onslaught of power, melody, and pure energy they represent just about everything metal and never fail to captivate, excite and dominate their audience.

Adrenaline have supported some major international acts on the strength of their live performances, and have consistently been reviewed as one of the UK's finest unsigned Metal bands. Supporting bands such as Ill Nino, Mnemic, The Haunted, Mistress, High On Fire, Amen, God Forbid & Mendeed on the Midland dates of their European tours.