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A Bard Day's Night


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About A Bard Day's Night

A cultural extravaganza... or when the Fab Four met Shakespeare!

It has often been said, that Shakespeare did not work alone, as his writing was so prolific. Well, just imagine, if Liverpool's most famous sons, The Beatles, had gone back in time at the height of their fame to collaborate with The Bard the result would have been breathtaking!

This is the idea behind the forthcoming musical "A Bard Day's Night", written by Chris O'Neill and Scot Williams, which is currently in workshop stage, due for public release in 2009.

As a taster, Chris O'Neill will perform the beautifully crafted songs in a one-man show. O'Neill is an actor, songwriter and musician who plays Paul McCartney in the Backbeat Beatles. The songs you will hear use the sonnets and speeches of Shakespeare as lyrics and the song-writing techniques and phrasing of The Beatles.

"All songs are original compositions and the complicated language structure has been shaped into contemporary tunes, which wouldn't be out of place in the fab four's back catalogue," says O'Neill.  The Shakespearian plays featured in the performance include Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The musical has its own unique brand of humour and makes Shakespeare accessible, appealing to students of Shakespeare, music students and Beatles fans alike.