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Michael Jackson Tickets


The tickets printed with the special lenticular process, were inspired and designed by Michael Jackson for the fans attending his shows. This "oversized" concert ticket measuring 82mm x 186mm (3.23in x 7.32in) was for the 50 This Is It shows at The O2. His hopes were his fans would want to keep the special ticket, as a reminder of the memorable evening that they would share together.

The concert tickets feature one of eight unique designs printed via the lenticular printing process. Lenticular printing is a 3D process that can contain animation, multiple photos, morphing or a combination of these. The front of the ticket is the lenticular image and the reverse side is the standard ticket detail including the performer name, tour name, show date, venue, section number, row number, and seat number.

*Ticket images are not to scale and are a still image snapshot of the actual moving image represented on the concert ticket.

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