Who is GET ME IN!

GET ME IN! is a leading UK based online ticket marketplace dedicated to the resale and exchange of live event tickets. Based in London and employing over 40 people, the company was launched in 2003. They have also launched websites in Germany and the Netherlands. GET ME IN! became a Ticketmaster company in January 2008. You can get more information about GET ME IN! or visit their website at www.getmein.com.

Why are Ticketmaster and GET ME IN working together?

We recognise that consumers are looking for a greater level of choice, flexibility and protection if they want to resell, exchange or buy tickets for events. By working together, Ticketmaster and GET ME IN! will deliver increased levels of security, reliability and service to all consumers.

Will Ticketmaster hold back tickets to sell on GET ME IN! ?

Absolutely not. Ticketmaster acts as an agent on behalf of its promoter and venue clients and we do not independently control the allocation of tickets. Event organisers will continue to determine the allocation of their tickets to Ticketmaster and how their tickets are priced.

Furthermore, Ticketmaster remains committed to ensure that all tickets are distributed in a fair and equitable manner. We will continue to prevent ticket resellers acquiring large volumes of tickets and to ensure that stipulated ticket limits are rigorously enforced.

How can tickets to some events sell out in a matter of minutes?

Ticketmaster.co.uk is the UK's most popular destination for tickets and we can sell thousands of tickets per minute during periods of high demand. When a major event first goes on sale, it is not uncommon for tens of thousands of consumers to make simultaneous ticket requests. So it is easy to see how a 20,000 seat arena can sell out within minutes of going on sale.

We do appreciate that it is frustrating when tickets do sell out so quickly for a popular event and then appear for resale on the secondary market. However, the reality is that the vast majority of tickets sold through Ticketmaster go to consumers who will use the tickets themselves.

Why is Ticketmaster directing fans to GET ME IN!, a secondary market site?

If there is no longer ticket availability for a selected event on Ticketmaster.co.uk, we will offer consumers the choice to search GET ME IN! for availability so that they may be aware of other purchasing options.

Our aim is to offer greater choice, flexibility and protection to consumers who are unable to find tickets through Ticketmaster and who choose to buy tickets through a resale site.

Do Ticketmaster now encourage consumers to buy from resale sites?

We understand that not all of our customers want to purchase tickets in this way, and Ticketmaster will continue to provide a service to those who only wish to purchase tickets in the primary market. The vast majority of tickets are sold through Ticketmaster and are used by the original purchasers.

However, we recognise that there are an increasing number of consumers who are buying tickets through resale sites.

As the market leader in the UK ticketing industry, Ticketmaster is responding to consumer demand for a trusted resale and exchange service, which will offer consumers increased levels of choice, flexibility and protection.

How do GET ME IN! get their tickets?

GET ME IN! is an open marketplace for anyone to purchase or resell their tickets. When anyone chooses to sell their tickets through GET ME IN! they are required to agree to the site's terms and conditions of sale.

Our number one objective is to ensure that anyone who buys a ticket through GET ME IN! can do so in confidence, that the tickets exist and that they will be delivered to them before the event.

[All transactions on the GET ME IN! marketplace are backed by GET ME IN!'s Fanguard guarantee so that buying is safe and secure. GET ME IN! does not pay sellers until the buyer has safely received their tickets]

How are the tickets priced on GET ME IN? Are they always more expensive on GET ME IN!?

GET ME IN! is an open market place for consumers to resell and buy tickets. Highly popular events often have fewer seats available than the number of people who want them. When demand for tickets on GET ME IN! exceeds availability, tickets may be resold above their original face value. Conversely, when customers choose to resell or exchange their tickets through GET ME IN! for less popular events, it is not uncommon for tickets to be resold below face value.

This is a classic example of market-based pricing, which is seen regularly in the airline and hotel industries, flights and rooms for holiday periods are always more expensive than at other times of the year.

Are there any legal issues surrounding reselling tickets?

In the UK, it is illegal to resell tickets for designated football matches without authorisation of the club, so you will not find those tickets available on GET ME IN! without authorisation.

The UK government has recently investigated this issue and it has called upon the events and ticketing industry to offer its own solution. The government also concluded that a well-functioning and honest resale and exchange market has clear benefits for consumers.

Ticketmaster and GET ME IN! are directly responding to the findings of the government and their recommendations, and we are committed to delivering more choice, flexibility and protection for all ticket buyers.

If I have a question, should I contact Ticketmaster or GET ME IN!?

At Ticketmaster and GET ME IN! we pride ourselves on customer service. If you purchased tickets from Ticketmaster then you should contact Ticketmaster Customer Service. All communication regarding tickets purchased from GET ME IN! should be with GET ME IN!.

Ticketmaster is not yet able to provide specific information about GET ME IN! transactions.

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