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Gigs and Tours

Gigs and Tours Our pick of the best UK tours, concerts and club nights.

London Theatre

London Theatre A guide to what's on in the West End.


Minimaster Events for kids...approved by kids

Classical Guide

Classical Guide The ultimate guide to classical music, opera and ballet around the UK.

Manchester Guide

Manchester Guide Our pick of the very best shows, gigs and events in Manchester.

UK Festival Guide

UK Festival Guide Festie virgin or seasoned pro? Our festie guru reveals all.

Metal Guide

Metal Guide Rock on with the latest moshpit-worthy gigs and festivals.


Comedy Our pick of the best comedians and comedy nights.

London Guide

London Guide Our pick of the best London events and attractions.

Sports Guide

Sports Guide All the sporting highlights under one roof.

Scotland Guide

Scotland Guide Experience the best of homegrown talent, the biggest gigs and the best venues across Scotland.

Urban Guide

Urban Guide This is where you can find the latest urban and hip hop shows happening in the near future.

Best Seats

Best Seats Want the best view in the house? Find your event, pick your seat, sit back, relax and enjoy!


Rising Explore new talent in London, from buskers to emerging comedians and street performers.

Classic Rock

Classic Rock Get your air guitars ready and rock out at the very best classic rock tours and gigs across the UK.

Global Entertainment Guide

Global Entertainment Guide Whether you want to rock out in Berlin or laugh out loud in Melbourne, this is your global guide to local entertainment.

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