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Deposit Ticket Scheme for 'Saver' Weekend Camping Tickets
The scheme allows Tickets to be paid for in two separate payments, and is available to customers buying a ticket between 9am, 4th Feb 2014 to 6pm, 1st June 2014, subject to availability. The full price of the Ticket is £129.50 plus a per transaction delivery fee of £5.50 for special delivery to the UK (or £3.25 for collection at the box office by overseas customers). £75.11 (incl. £10.36 bf) per Ticket is charged immediately; £64.75 per Ticket plus the delivery will be charged on 6th June 2014
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More Info AboutSomersault Festival - Weekend Camping Deposit

Somersault Festival - Weekend Camping Deposit

, Barnstaple,

Thu 17 Jul 2014 - Mon 21 Jul 2014
Please Note: Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult 18+ at all times.
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