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Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Tickets

Hope Street,  LiverpoolL1 9BPGB

Venue Information

Venue Details


From M62:
Continue along motorway until its end and then follow the signs for the city centre, cathedrals and universities (circa 3 miles). Turn left at the Metropolitan Cathedral (the wigwam) and head past the Everyman Theatre on Hope Street toward the Hall. If you get lost use the maxim: find one Cathedral, head for the other. The venue is halfway between the two.


There is a car park adjacent to the hall. There is a charge for parking.

Public Transportation
Bus routes: Merseyside Smart buese 1 and 4.

Box Office Hours

Mon-Sat: 10:00-17:30
Sun: 12:00-17:00
On concert nights the box office will remain open for counter booking until 15mins after the start of an event and on Sundays, if there is a concert, the box office will be open from 12:00 until 15 minutes after the start of an event for counter bookings.

Accessible Seating

The venue is accessible for wheelchair users.
Wheelchair spaces available in stalls and boxes.
Disabled toilets available.
Cash point and telephone acessable to disabled patrons.Disabled access to restaurant and bar.

General Rules

No cameras, video cameras or audio recording devices.
No food.(only in auditorium not in bar areas)
No bottles or cans. (only in auditorium)
No alcohol or illegal substances. (only in auditorium)
Smoking is not allowed in the venue.

Children Rules

There is no minimum age of admittance. If a child is being disruptive they must be removed from the venue.


In-house restaurant.
Outdoor seating.

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